Access BIOS on Windows10

?To access BIOS if you don’t know startup keys

  1. Click or tap the Notification icon in the lower-right corner of the Windows 10 Desktop.
  2. Click the All Settings button.
  3. Click the Update & Security button.
  4. Click the Recovery menu item to reach a screen similar to Figure A.

Figure A

Figure A

From that screen you will want to click the Restart Now button under the Advanced Startup section. That will restart the computer and present you with a few options. Yes, you will be restarting your computer immediately, so be sure to save your work and close any running apps that need to be closed beforeyou click that button.

Among the list of advanced options should be one that will allow you to start your computer with access to the UEFI firmware and the BIOS settings. Click that option. After the computer restarts you should find yourself looking at the configuration screen for your system’s BIOS.