Software Solutions

Website/Webportal/Webapp for your Business/Institution for web based resource management are developed as per custom requirement.

Being online means office staff can access/work from any location with their device as long as they are connected to internet. This makes them independent of physical location and in most cases dedicated device for carrying out daily tasks and information sharing.

Websites and Webapp are being accessed on mobile devices by more and more users hence,

We offer android apps for Webapp like Online Campus so that users can install them on their device and access like any other app.

Demo Android App may be requested by customer.


In addition to available standard software for various business needs we provide software developed as per customer requirement. We offer support for purchase, installation, configuration, training and maintenance of standard software for its optimum use in the industry.

Training provided to:

  • Office Staff
  • Students
  • Industrial Trainee

Training for:

  • Website Development
  • Java
  • Office suite