six Comcast Secrets… A few of them Dirty

six Comcast Secrets… A few of them Dirty

A week ago, I eliminated researching a few of the channels that we pay money for with the Comcast

Your regional associates to have NBC and you can CVS displayed an updates password out of “S0a00.” The newest “fix” was to disconnect the newest High definition DVR container and connect it right back into the. Generally this is exactly rebooting the newest systems. I’m technical-inclined, is reasonable. An identical disease took place past. This time rebooting the machine didn’t augment some thing. That it direct Indianapolis sugar daddy myself along the bunny opening to explore a number off things away from Comcast and you may my personal cord solution.

There’s a key diagnostics mode – There clearly was a secret diagnostics mode towards the cable container. If you are viewing television, push strength following okay/select 3 x fast. You get a white display screen with several options. The newest 4th selection for myself try this new Inband Position. From there I’m able to obtain the well worth to possess “SNR” (Signal to noise Ratio). From the avenues you to definitely weren’t comming from the discovering try twenty-seven dB. To your an effective ones it actually was 33. Need a range anywhere between 33 and you can 37. [survata]

Within the next couple weeks, I could almost certainly build about inside the greater detail

  • Substitution the DVR mode your eradicate your own reveals – The newest specialist one fixing my personal cord service now saw my personal old field and you can told you he’d revision us to another you to definitely as part of the enhance. I didn’t have a lot of a choice. The fresh new reveals go on the difficult drive of the container, and they can not opened the box and you can switch out the brand new hard disks. Technologically this is very, most likely, nevertheless appears that Motorola specifically failed to create the newest boxes so you can allow for it a sexy-plugable drives is simple enough. Continue Reading →